Exercices: Commentaire de document (article de presse)

Saint Louis chronicle - Lindbergh


Two newspaper extracts about the flight over the Atlantic Ocean


May 22, 1927: Lindbergh flies Atlantic

By Michael Madigan

"LE BOURGET FIELD, France, May 21. - Capt. Charles Lindbergh arrived here today from New York by air, collapsed at the controls of his craft a moment after it stopped and recovered in time to say to the crowd which lifted man and machine to their shoulders: 'So this is Paris. I did it-' His time was 33 hours and 30 minutes. He arrived at 5:21 p.m., eastern daylight time, without a light on his plane and with his energy fast ebbing. Men, women and children were injured in the welcoming rush by 30,000 people. Barriers were smashed and discipline went for naught when the crowd charged."Later reports estimated the crowd at 100,000. The 25-year-old Lindbergh was indeed a world hero. 



May 22, 1927

By EDWIN L. JAMES—Special Cable to The New York Times

Paris, May 21 -- Lindbergh did it. Twenty minutes after 10 o'clock tonight suddenly and softly there slipped out of the darkness a gray-white airplane as 25,000 pairs of eyes strained toward it. At 10:24 the Spirit of St. Louis landed and lines of soldiers, ranks of policemen and stout steel fences went down before a mad rush as irresistible as the tides of ocean.

"Well, I made it," smiled Lindbergh, as the little white monoplane came to a halt in the middle of the field and the first vanguard reached the plane. Lindbergh made a move to jump out. Twenty hands reached for him and lifted him out as if he were a baby. Several thousands in a minute were around the plane. Thousands more broke the barriers of iron, rails round the field, cheering wildly.




Après avoir lu ces deux articles, faites un commentaire en une dizaine de lignes, mettant en valeur les différences entre ces 2 articles.



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