Liste de vocabulaire pour les exams oraux: structures de communication

Reminder: Structures de communication


Capacité:        I can write (past = could)

                        I know how to write

                        It’s easy for me to write

                        I’ll manage to write


Incapacité:               I can’t write

                                   I’m not able to write = I am unable to write

                                   It’s impossible (hard/not easy/not possible) for me to write


Obligation:    I must write

                        I have to write

                        I need to write

                        It’s necessary for me to write

                        I’m supposed to write


Absence d’obligation:          I don’t have to write

                                               I needn’t write

                                               It’s not necessary for me to write


Permission:    I may write

                        I am allowed to write

                        Do you mind if I write?

                        Do you mind my writing?

                        You allow me to write


Désirs et souhaits:  You would like me to write < You want me to write

                                   I feel like writing

                                   I dream of writing

                                   I’m dying for writing

                                   I wish I wrote (toujours preterit)

                                   If only I wrote (toujours preterit)


Intention:      I will write

                        I’m going to write

                        I’m thinking of writing

                        I’m about to write

                        I plan (I intend) to write

                        I’ve decided to write

                        I’m determined to write

                        I’m definitely writing

                        Whether you like it or not, I’ll write (toujours future)


Regrets:         I’m sorry I write

                        Forgive me for writing

                        I wish I had not written (participe passé car toujours au past perfect)

                        I should not have written (participe passé)

                        If I had known, I would not have written (participe passé)

                        What a pity I write


Reproches:    You shouldn’t have written

                        Why didn’t you write?

                        Instead of writing, you’d better read

                        Did you have to do that? What a shame!


Plaintes:         I’m fed up with writing

                        I’m tired of writing

                        I’ve had enough of writing

                        Writing really gets on my nerves

                        It drives me mad

                        It makes me sick

                        I can’t stand (bear) writing any longer


Conseil:          You should write

                        If I were you, I’d write

                        You’d better write


Propositions:             What about writing? = How about writing?

                                   Why don’t we write?

                                   Let’s write!


Ordre:                        Stop writing

                        No writing

                        I want you to write


Accepter:      Yes, of course I’ll write

                        I’ll write with pleasure

                        That’s a good idea

                        I’d be happy to write

                        I agree with you

                        You’re right

                        Exactly = Naturally = Quite true = Absolutely


Refuser:         No, thank you I will not write

                        I’d rather not writing

                        Writing? No way!

                        I don’t agree with you = I disagree with you

                        Writing? You can’t be serious! = You must be joking!

                        Definitely not = Surely not = this is nonsense = this is ridiculous


Opinion:         As far as I’m concern…

                        If you ask me…

                        In my view…

                        As for me…

                        I think (believe/reckon/feel)…

                        I’m convinced that…


Hypotheses:              Suppose you write…

                                   Imagine you write…

                                   Unless you write…


Conséquences:          It means that…

                                   It implies that…

                                   Consequently = as a consequence = as a result = therefore


Oppositions:  I write whereas …

                        Unlike …, I write

                        On the contrary


Probabilité:   ++  she must be writing (she must have written au passé)

                        I’m sure (certain/positive) she is writing

                        She is likely to write

                        It looks as if she was writing

                        + Maybe (perhaps) she is writing

                        She may be writing

                        I suppose she writes

                        - She might be writing

                        I doubt that she is writing


Like:               ++ I love writing = I’m fond of writing = I’m keen on writing

                        + I like writing = I enjoy writing

                        # I don’t mind writing = it makes no difference to me = as you wish

                        - I don’t fancy writing= I dislike writing

                        -- I hate writing = I resent (ing) = I can’t stand (ing) = I can’t put up with writing


Comparaisons:           it is similar to = it is the same as

                                   Less and less <> more and more

                                   I prefer writing to reading

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