The United States

The United States’ history: 10 landmarks with internet links

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1492         Christopher Columbus discovers America by mistake


1620         The Pilgrim Fathers on board of the Mayflower land at Plymouth, Massachussetts


1776          The Declaration of Independence is signed (July 4 => Independence Day)



1789           George Washington is elected the first US President



1861            The Civil war between the North and the South begins (ends in 1865)



1919            Prohibition Act forbids the consumption of alcohol in public places



1920             The 19th amendment gives women the right to vote



1933             President Roosevelt launches his “New Deal” to fight unemployment and the economic crisis


1944              D- Day on June 6: The Allied Troops land in Europe to help fight Germany



1963              Martin  Luther King  claims “I have a dream…” on August 28



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